another disney secret

maybe you all know about this already, but here is another cool secret that I remembered as we were in line for Midway Mania yesterday!


basically, if you have a baby that obviously can't wait in a half hour line... you can ask the boarding attendant for this pass. a free ride for the one who was watching the baby, and another kiddo! or the same kiddo! Cade loved riding toy story twice in a row. once with me, once with ian while we watched reesey sleep!
you just walk up the exit and get right on the ride without waiting in line again!

anyway, super handy to know about! and i'm pretty sure almost all of the rides offer these.

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  1. Thank you so much! This information will definitely prove useful this year!!

    Here's some info I found for you. Your kids will definitely enjoy this once it warms up a bit!