DIY ornament wreath

i've seen the super cute ornament wreaths everywhere for years and finally decided to make my own... 

1. find cute ornaments
used about $6 worth of metallic ornaments from good ol ikea

2. find wreath form
classic foam wreath form . use your 40% off Michaels coupon and this is $6

Or you could use a pool noodle! of course, pool noodles aren't in stock at this time... and for glueing ornaments, it helps to have a flat surface, not a rounded one, to work on.

3. cover with ribbon or fabric

my favorite teal grossgrain ribbon from RABOM ... teal and ruby red Christmas at the martin casa this year!

4. start gluing
using a hot glue gun, i just randomly started gluing... my plan initially was to cover the whole thing... but, getting into it, i realized its a little more funky and different to just have the side... i like how it turned out.

5. hang!
enjoy for the next month! :)

it was super simple and took about 30 minutes to glue them all. yeah for Christmas!


  1. And even your door matches your theme with the ruby red. You are so crafty! Love this idea. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. One of the best ever home wreaths I've seen - it looks awesome well done!

  3. Making this for my door!! Yours was the only one on pinterest that only did ornaments on the side- I like that SO much better than filling the whole thing. Thanks!