a sack of potatoes

reese's dr appt went well!! she is...
13 pounds 14 ounces
24" long
40cm head circumference...

considering she started out at
4 pounds 6.9 ounces
18" long
i'd say shes growing like a weed!! :)

our sweet doctor was very pleased with her development! she is really 4 months old, but REALLY she is only 2 months old {2 months from her actual due date}...
BUT she is the size and developmental level of a 4 month old baby! praise God! usually it takes preemies up to 2 years to catch up and little missy already did at 4 months. the Lord is very gracious.

of course she was super smiley and even laughed at the doctor. then came shots... but then she was fine! OH.. and another praise... Reese qualifies for synagis!!! We didnt think she would because she was born after 32 weeks... but she does!!!! Its like $2000 per shot and we'll get 6! Its the RSV Immunity Booster shot... NICU nurses/doctors call it "liquid gold"... a sweet surprise this afternoon, thank you Lord!

the wait was a litttle bit longer than normal, so i took some pics of the baby :)

hi smiley... bad angle,but hey, shes cute :)

waiting for the doctor

AND... my sister laura babysat cade... AND she cleaned the house, made my bed, did the dishes, and had dinner in the oven when I got back!! SO thankful for her! :)

oh, and the "sack of potatoes" is what my mom calls her anytime I tell her how much she weighs... at first it was a bag of sugar, now she's graduated to a sack of potatoes :)


  1. Way to go Reese!! What a blessing - so thankful your sack of potatoes is doing so well!! :)

  2. Praise God! So thankful for little Reese!

  3. I like potatoes and I love Ressey so it's a good combo!

  4. Great job little Reese! You even surpassed our Reese at her 4 month check up in her stats! And wowza for Laura...what an amazing sis...dinner and all! :)

  5. wow - synagis! you are LUCKY!! so glad little miss will get it and that she qualifies!

    she is so cute & SOOOOOO big!!

  6. Good job, Reese! Your sister is a gem! I'm glad that you have a wonderful family close by to be so kind and helpful! It's really wonderful reading about your family and how much the Lord is blessing you and teaching you through all this! I can still remember teaching YOU piano lessons at 8 or 9 years old and it's making me feel QUITE old reading about your two growing kids! BUT, it's also fun and humbling too!

  7. Cutest sack of potatoes I've ever seen!

  8. Praise the Lord for your growing girl! She is just too sweet!

    p.s. Where do I get a sister like that? ;)

  9. yay!! i love posts filled with praises!!! (: so happy for you guys!!!

  10. Yay! Congrats - and keep it up, Reese!