ready for summer

though the weather has been quite gloomy around here, there have been a few afternoons perfect for our little guy to get his water play on!
this year, however, his hands are strong enough to clamp down and actually spray the hose... ya, learned the hard way with that one as he drenched me as i handed him the hose in my innocence!

he was having a ball being a silly boy. ian caught some super fun photos of him being his crazy self! i have a feeling we'll be sitting outside, reese and i, watching sweet cade have fun with his new best friend: the hose!!

oh, and he wanted to show me his buzz :)


  1. suuuuuuch a cutie! <3 i can't to see him with reesie! <3

  2. Now just teach him to go over and water the dying grass spots...then you will have a fun time AND he'll be productive ;)