daddy's little girl

any one who has spent some time in a NICU knows "kangaroo care" ... skin to skin contact. babies thrive when up close against you... feeling your heartbeat, warmth... they said its a great way for daddys to bond with the little ones as its ok for them to just take off their shirt and hang out! :)
so, reesey came out of her box for some quality daddy time!! i love these photos of them two! :)

don't stumble ladies... hehe! shirtless in the NICU!

just adore these:
we're super excited: reese has been gaining weight and doing just what she's supposed to do. they've increased her feedings so much that she is off her IV! and her PICC line will come out probably tomorrow! praise the Lord!!! She is also up to 4 pounds 15 ounces!!! she gained 75grams today, the nurse reweighed her 3 times because she couldn't believe it... normal/average weight gain for a baby is an ounce a day... 30 grams... reese is packin on the poundage! i love it, her sweet night nurse tonight said she calls her reeces peices, but since shes gaining so much weight, shes more of a reeses peanut butter cup :) ... i like that nickname... buttercup :)

thanks for praying! we are getting things ready around the house for a newborn!! we got the bassinet ready {of course, cade saw the oval shaped bassinet mattress and yelled... "MOMMY! You found my surfboard!!!" .... what?!?! where does he come up with these things!} ... and we have been blown away blessed by clothes, baby gear, and goodies that have been given to us... apparently, people like shopping A LOT for baby girl clothes! hey, we're thankful!!

we are just trying to trust in the Lord, his timing for her progress and homecoming. thankful that the Lord is watching over her. thankful for His faithfulness and compassion towards us.


  1. The pics of Ian and Reese are priceless - instantly brought a smile to my face! :)

    praising the Lord with you that her iv is out and she's gaining weight!!

    Continuing to pray for your fam...

  2. those pictures are beautiful of ian and reese! those deserve to be framed!

    little girl is doing awesome!!!

    hang in there mama....

  3. reeses pieces! that is soo cute ... im going to call her that!