32 weeks

so... not much going on still @ home. no contractions @ all! so thankful...

32 weeks today, which is a huge preemie milestone... but dr. f thinks that this medication combined with bedrest should give us a few more weeks.... obviously the goal is full term {37 weeks... 5 weeks from now} but every single day & week inside is a huge victory.

we know the Lord knows this little one's birthday, praying for another july baby!! :)

cade is doing great. he's loving being spoiled at mimi & papas & gigi & gran grans, and has been such a trooper throughout all the shuffling around!

here is a fun little video of him singing one of our favorite songs "Mighty To Save"

have a great week :)

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  1. the video of cade is just too cute for words!! celebrating this milestone with you and praying that you will get to 37 weeks!!