home life these days

not much going on here. and we are thankful. TONS of baby movement, but I am beyond blessed. i've been feeling awesome this week. my soreness is gone. its crazy. last week was hard in that respect, but this week has been great. praising the Lord for sustaining my physical body.
i'm 27.5 weeks... which is nuts. its coming to the point where i'm getting close to cade's milestones... went into labor & delivery @ 29 weeks 4 days... He was born @ 30 weeks 3 days... but, the Lord has given me peace. and i'm thankful.

we get 2 doctor appointments next week. which for me, is SUPER exciting because I get to go somewhere!! yippee!! i'm either on my own couch, or @ my parents house in thier "daybed" lounge area in their new house. cade calls it his TENT!

and yes, one day, i sat outside for 10 minutes {we are getting a lounging recliner so i can soak up a little more vitamin D than I currently am :) and took these of our little guy. he cleared a spot in my "garden" a while ago and just loves to hang out there... he was a little excited about showing me how his pin wheel worked :)

i LOVE this face. its like his lower lip smile thing...

and of course, i'll never turn down a "mommy wanna hold you" from him :)

ian says my watch looked like a hospital bracelet, hey, i like it.

now, im listening to ian play around on his guitar, getting ready for leading the worship band in the college group @ our church, and hearing cade's monitor, quiet. a lovely evening...


  1. So glad to hear all is going well, keep up the good work :) I can't turn down those "mommy wanna hold you"' moments either, very sweet. cj

  2. glad to hear you're doing well and that you have reached another full week on bedrest! keep up the great work, continuing to pray for you and your little one...