fun websites i've complied

so, among other things, i've had plenty of time to beef up my bookmarks on my computer...
a friend teased me about my crazy emails i send to her about all the RANDOM websites i've found... so, she told me i should blog it. here we go...

Hositng or planning a party anytime soon?? Here are some fun ideas/websites for your event!! Enjoy! :)

Filigree Cupcake Accessory :: fun easy decor for a shower or event:

FUNKY balloons :: add a little spice to a traditional party staple! POLKA DOT BALLOONS or 17" latex perfectly ROUND BALLOONS!

CUPCAKE KITS! :: don't feel like making everything yourself.... Buy THESE! So many cute options!! by Meri Meri

PAPER LANTERNS! :: So inexpensive and reusable! you can't beat the punch these give any party!! i LOVE luna bazaar! Way cheaper than Michael's... Ikea... and they come in virtually EVERY color and size!

i'm eyeing these for our nursery as well:

CANDY!!! :: For favors, decor, or just for you to eat... Candy Warehouse is perfection! sorted by color... theme... or brand...

alright, thats all for now! happy party! :)


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you did this post. You are Queen of the web :) Thanks for sharing your fab finds! Cj

  2. Recently we used lanterns from luna bazaar for a baby shower and we also used candy warehouse for Brianne's wedding last year. I loved that the candy was color coordinated! Good websites!

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