29 weeks ... 4 days

with cade... i woke up in labor. unbeknownst to me of course, i just felt "off"... something wasn't right...
so, of course, last night i couldn't sleep. would i wake up in labor?
after a while... i finally dozed off to sleep... woke up, not in labor. praise the Lord.

i have to keep reminding myself that the Lord is still in control. i need to dwell on things that are right & true. praising HIM for every single day this pregnancy continues to progress. so, today... thankfully, i felt normal. lots and lots of baby wiggles and kicks, which is fun {though my laptop almost got bopped on the floor today by a certain little someone in my tummy!!}

overall 4+ weeks of bedrest has been okay. i'm not sore. Praise God. we've had plenty of help. so grateful. oh yeah, and i have the best husband in the world. :)
cade boy is doing well too. if he sees me standing up to eat, or walking to the bathroom, he'll command me "mommy, you need to lay down for the baby!!!" such a little sweetie.

the other night, ian had to work {golf} late... and i was actually alone with cade for 2 hours. it was weird. so, we watched toy story, i ordered pizza and we cuddled on the couch almost the whole time. the little guy was plenty happy with pizza, and so was his mommy :)

have a great weekend!! xoxo

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